Our decades of hands-on experience means we are not typical consultants; we are experienced practitioners who know what it takes to make change happen. Whatever your healthcare challenge, we have the skills and the network to find solutions, and partner with you to bring them to life.


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iO Consultancy

Improving Outcomes:
Practice Management

We have managed and turned around over 50 GP practices, combining clinical expertise, effective business administration and deep patient and customer insight.
We are experts in:
- HR, Recruitment and Training
- Staff and Patient Engagement
- Policies and Protocols
- Significant Events
- Safeguarding
- Safety Alerts
- Health and Safety, Fire and First Aid

Improving Outcomes:
Acute Care in the Home

We set up the UK's first acute care in the home scheme, and believe this represents a critical part of the future of healthcare, improving outcomes for both patients and providers. We can help with:
- Direct delivery of acute "hospital" care in the home
- Improving patient and carer experience
- Designing and delivering new patient pathways
- Partnerships including social care
- Driving efficiency including lower tariff and readmission rates
- Enhancing hospital flow
- Improving safety

Improving Outcomes:
Business Transformation

We have 20 years' experience consulting with the public, private and charity sectors, helping businesses unlock growth by combining clinical expertise and customer insight. We specialise in:

- governance (e.g. CQC)

- business development

- business turnaround

- new service models

- market access

- digital transformation

- patient-centricity and insight

- marketing and communication


“This is not about the digitisation of healthcare;
it is about the rehumanisation of healthcare in a digital world”